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  Crocus bulbs and Tecophilaea

Spring Crocus
Normally at their best in February & prefer good drainage and a sunny position. Plant in a group for effect.

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CB1 (5) angustifolius 'Bronze Form'
A true miniature crocus. Deep Indian yellow with a bronze-purple effect on the backs of the outer petals. Increases quickly. Excellent for pots or sunny position in the garden. February. Ht. 2in. One of our favourites.  
angustifolius 'Bronze Form'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

CB17 (5) Biflorus Albus
Pure snow white crocus, flowers Feb to March striking flower.
Biflorus Albus
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

CB2 (10) 'Bowles White' -sieberi 'Albus'
A superb early flowering crocus in pure white. Globular shaped flowers with yellow centres and distinct orange stigma. Flowers over a long period usually Jan - Feb. Ht.3in AGM from RHS  
'Bowles White'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

CB23 (10) Chrysanth ard Shenk
Large pristine white flowers with a deep golden centre  
Chrysanth ard Shenk
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

CB13 (5) chrysanthus 'Gipsy Girl'
Deep yellow flowers with the outer petals heavily marked with purplish-bronze stripes and feathering. Very striking in the sun. Good in pots or the garden. Feb, early March flowering. Ht.3-4in   
chrysanthus 'Gipsy Girl'
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 5 bulbs)       

CB7 (10) chrysanthus 'Lady Killer'
The glistening pure white flowers have deep purple flames on the outside petals. A very attractive colour combination. Strong grower and naturalises well. February. Ht. 3in  
chrysanthus 'Lady Killer'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

CB3 (3) gargaricus - N W Turkey
A striking crocus with brilliant orange-yellow flowers which appear just as the leaves develop. The style is divided into 3 feathery branches. February flowering. Ht. 3"  
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

CB19 (5) January Gold
Striking yellow-orange flowers flowering for long period in january and February. Ht 6in.  
January Gold
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 5 bulbs)       

CB14 (5) minimus - native of Corsica and Sardinia
Very striking lilac flowers with heavy deep purple feathering to the outer petals. Strong easy grower increasing well in pots or the garden. Late flowering, normally March. Ht. 3in  
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

CB18 (10) Prince Beatrix
Small neat little crocus, pale blue flower with a yellow base.
Prince Beatrix
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

CB16 (5) sieberi 'Hubert Endelstein'
A very attractive crocus with an overall silky sheen; purple outer petals and white inner. Deep yellow stamens make an attractive contrast. Grows well in the rockery or pots. Popular with AGS.  
sieberi 'Hubert Endelstein'
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 5 bulbs)       

CB5 (10) tommasinianus 'Roseus'
Eye-catching bright cyclamen pink flowers with an attractive silvery grey reverse opening wide in the sun. Outstanding when naturalised in grass or garden group. Also grows well in pots. Flowers February to March. Ht.3in. A very good buy  
tommasinianus 'Roseus'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

CB6 (10) versicolor 'Picturatus' -'The cloth of silver'
Beautiful silvery white with deep purple feathered stripes on the outer petals and deep yellow stamens. Easy to grow in pots or the garden. February. Ht.3in.   
versicolor 'Picturatus'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

Autumn flowering crocus

A real splash of colour from late October to early December. The flowers come first followed by the leaves.


The "Chilean Blue Crocus" best grown in a cold alpine house. Water with care and ensure good drainage.

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  Crocus bulbs and Tecophilaea

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