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  Dwarf Iris and Fritillaria bulbs

Iris - reticulata & histrioides
Dwarf Iris are excellent for pots, rockery or the garden. Prefer a well drained sunny position and plant deep.

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IB21 (1) Eyecatcher
White flowers with dark blue markings with a yellow stripe on the falls (Alan McMurtle seedling).  
Price:   £1.00 / $1.30 (per bulb)       

IB17 10) hermodactylus tuberosus - 'Snakes Head Iris'
Striking green flowers with velvety black falls. Flowers in April and lasts well. Good for naturalising but can take time to establish. Late flowering. Ht. 8in (20cm). Unusual and a talking point.  
hermodactylus tuberosus
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB1 (1) histrioides 'Angel Tears'
French-Blue with gentian blue falls, eye-catching honeymark on white ground with a small yellow vein,March flowering, Very desirable.

histrioides 'Angel Tears'
Price:   £1.00 / $1.30 (per bulb)       

IB6 (10) histrioides 'George'
A rich red-purple with distinctive yellow and white markings on the darker falls. Has a superb upright growth making it ideal for pots or rockery. February, early March Ht 5ins. Stunning in a group.  
histrioides 'George'
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB9 (10) histrioides 'Katharine Hodgkin'
An outstanding variety. Blueish-green with blue veins. The falls have slate blue veins and spots and yellow in the throat. Looks superb in a group. Grows well in the garden or pots. February, early March flowering.
Ht. 4" (10cm). Always popular. AGM   
histrioides 'Katharine Hodgkin'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB10 (5) histrioides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'
Beautiful mid blue flowers with attractive heavily spotted falls. Excellent for pots or rockery. A good grower and hardy. February, early March flowering. Ht 5in (12cm). Popular with AGS members.  
histrioides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB15 (5) histrioides 'Sheila Ann Germaney' - major x winogradowii
From the same cross as Katharine Hodgkin but with softer blue colouring and more delicate markings. Eye-catching in pots, rockery or garden. Late Feb, early March flowering. Ht. 4in. Top class  
histrioides 'Sheila Ann Germaney'
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB18 (10) reticulata 'Alida'
A recent introduction with large soft sky blue flowers well marked on the falls with yellow and white. Lovely in a group planting in pots or the garden. February flowering. Ht.6in  
reticulata 'Alida'
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB3 (5) reticulata 'Blue Note' - bred from 'Pauline'
Striking iris from Canada. A rich violet-blue with deep purple tips to the falls. Distinct well feathered white markings. February. Ht.4in (10cm). Has proved to be very popular with discerning gardeners.  
reticulata 'Blue Note'
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB5 (10) reticulata 'Edward'
Attractive rich mid-blue flowers with a striking orange rib and white markings on the falls. A strong grower. February / March flowering.
Ht 4in Scented. A very good buy.  
reticulata 'Edward'
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB13 (5) reticulata 'Palm Spring'
bred from Iris. 'George'. Vibrant deep violet-blue with deep purple falls and an eye-catching yellow mark. Pots or rockery. Late Feb flowering Ht. 4in  
reticulata 'Palm Spring'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB19 (1) reticulata 'White Caucasus'
An Alan McMurtie seedling in sparkling white with a narrow bright yellow crest. Has very good form and will become very popular. Good for pots or rockery. Flowers February. Ht. 5in (12cm)  
reticulata 'White Caucasus'
Price:   £1.00 / $1.30 (per bulb)       

IB22 (1) Scent Sational
Dark purple with white and yellow on the falls strong scented. (Alan McMurtle seedling)  
Scent Sational
Price:   £1.00 / $1.30 (per bulb)       

IB23 (1) Spot On
Another Alan McMurtle seedling with rich dark purple flowers. The falls are brilliant white with yellow.  
Spot On
Price:   £1.00 / $1.30 (per bulb)       

IB24 (1) Sunshine
Another fantastic Alan McMurtle seedling showing great form in yellow with darker falls. Superb.  
Price:   £1.00 / $1.30 (per bulb)       

IB16 (1) winogradowii - a rare species native to the Caucasus.
Bright yellow with green on the falls. A must for the collector and popular with AGS and SRGC members. Best in Alpine house or plant in light well drained position in a raised bed. Outstanding Ht. 4in (7cm).   
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (per bulb)       


Frits all require good drainage and plant deep. The smaller varieties are best grown in the Alpine house.

FB2 (1) Bucharica
Several slightly pendant white flat flowers on 20cm stems with green centres. Best cultivated in alpine house or cold farm.  
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (per bulb)       

FB12 (10) Mealegris
The snake head frillaries purple bells with distinctive flecks of white. Perfect for naturlising.  
Price:   £1.50 / $1.95 (for 10 bulbs)       

FB6 (10) michaelovskyi - from Turkey
Produces 2 to 5 maroon bell shaped flowers with a broad bright yellow rim. An attractive flower which does well in the garden, rockery or pots. Best planted a little deeper. April flowering. Ht.6in. AGM from RHS  
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

FB8 (1) Reuteri - from Zagros mountains, Iran
Numerous rich maroon wide cup-shaped flowers with vivid yellow margins. Many long lanceolate leaves, In the wild grows on grassy, loamy slops. Best in an alpine house. Ht.8in . Rare species  
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (per bulb)       

FB9 (1) Whittallii - from S W Turkey
Has 1 or 2 green bells incurving at the tips with strong brown or purple-black tessellations. Needs good drainage outside and is excellent when pot grown and protected in the alpine house. Ht. 8in.   
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (per bulb)       


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  Dwarf Iris and Fritillaria bulbs

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