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  Dwarf Iris and Fritillaria bulbs

Iris - reticulata & histrioides
Dwarf Iris are excellent for pots, rockery or the garden. Prefer a well drained sunny position and plant deep.

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IB21 (5) Eyecatcher
White flowers with dark blue markings with a yellow stripe on the falls (Alan McMurtle seedling).  
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB6 (10) histrioides 'George'
A rich red-purple with distinctive yellow and white markings on the darker falls. Has a superb upright growth making it ideal for pots or rockery. February, early March Ht 5ins. Stunning in a group.  
histrioides 'George'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB9 (10) histrioides 'Katharine Hodgkin'
An outstanding variety. Blueish-green with blue veins. The falls have slate blue veins and spots and yellow in the throat. Looks superb in a group. Grows well in the garden or pots. February, early March flowering.
Ht. 4" (10cm). Always popular. AGM   
histrioides 'Katharine Hodgkin'
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB10 (5) histrioides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'
Beautiful mid blue flowers with attractive heavily spotted falls. Excellent for pots or rockery. A good grower and hardy. February, early March flowering. Ht 5in (12cm). Popular with AGS members.  
histrioides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB15 (5) histrioides 'Sheila Ann Germaney' - major x winogradowii
From the same cross as Katharine Hodgkin but with softer blue colouring and more delicate markings. Eye-catching in pots, rockery or garden. Late Feb, early March flowering. Ht. 4in. Top class  
histrioides 'Sheila Ann Germaney'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB18 (10) reticulata 'Alida'
A recent introduction with large soft sky blue flowers well marked on the falls with yellow and white. Lovely in a group planting in pots or the garden. February flowering. Ht.6in  
reticulata 'Alida'
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB3 (10) reticulata 'Blue Note' - bred from 'Pauline'
Striking iris from Canada. A rich violet-blue with deep purple tips to the falls. Distinct well feathered white markings. February. Ht.4in (10cm). Has proved to be very popular with discerning gardeners.  
reticulata 'Blue Note'
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB12 (10) reticulata 'Natascha'
Ivory white with a blue cast. The falls are veined green with golden yellow mark. Plant in a group for the best effect. Ht. 5in March flowering  
reticulata 'Natascha'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

IB13 (5) reticulata 'Palm Spring'
bred from Iris. 'George'. Vibrant deep violet-blue with deep purple falls and an eye-catching yellow mark. Pots or rockery. Late Feb flowering Ht. 4in  
reticulata 'Palm Spring'
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB19 (5) reticulata 'White Caucasus'
An Alan McMurtie seedling in sparkling white with a narrow bright yellow crest. Has very good form and will become very popular. Good for pots or rockery. Flowers February. Ht. 5in (12cm)  
reticulata 'White Caucasus'
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB22 (5) Scent Sational
Dark purple with white and yellow on the falls strong scented. (Alan McMurtle seedling)  
Scent Sational
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB23 (5) Spot On
Another Alan McMurtle seedling with rich dark purple flowers. The falls are brilliant white with yellow.  
Spot On
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 5 bulbs)       

IB24 (5) Sunshine
Another fantastic Alan McMurtle seedling showing great form in yellow with darker falls. Superb.  
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 5 bulbs)       


Frits all require good drainage and plant deep. The smaller varieties are best grown in the Alpine house.

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  Dwarf Iris and Fritillaria bulbs

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