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  Tulip bulbs - dwarf & species

A wide range of colourful species and hybridized tulipa bulbs. They grow well in pots, garden or rockery. Flower from March to May. Generally do not have to be lifted every year and many set seed and naturalise.

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TB1 (3) Acuminata
Known since the Ottoman Empire and unfortunately can no longer be found in the wild. It can only be described as the most spectacular species tulipa available. The needle pointed petals of red and yellow are unique. A talking point in any garden. April flowering. Ht 18in   
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 3 bulbs)       

TB2 (1) Aucheriana - from Afghanistan and W. Iran.
Very attractive star shaped pink flowers with yellow centres and stamens with 1-2 flowers per stem. Interesting curled, almost tubular, leaves. Prefers well drained soil and a sunny position. Also good in pots. April flowering. Ht 4-5in. Consistent AGS winner.  
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB72 (10) Batalinii ‘Apricot Jewel’
The apricot orange flowers open to reveal a golden yellow interior.A little tulip for rock gardens. Ht 6in  
Batalinii ‘Apricot Jewel’
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB65 (10) Batalinii 'Bright Gem'
A strikingly different selection. Deep cream tinged pink and flushed with bronze. Retains the dwarf qualities of batalinii. Pots or garden April Ht.8in  
Batalinii  'Bright Gem'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB4 (10) Batalinii 'Bronze Charm'
A strikingly different species hybrid selection which retains the dwarf qualities of batalinii. Deep cream with pink tinge and flushed with bronze. A very interesting combination. Pots or garden. Flowers in April. Ht 8in   
Batalinii 'Bronze Charm'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB66 (10) Batalinii 'Red Gem'
A sturdy little tulips in striking vermillion red. Adds colour to any border or patio pot. A good multiplier and soon creates a noticeable clump. April  
Batalinii 'Red Gem'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB6 (10) batalinii 'Salmon Gem'
A lovely new member of the batalinii family . Deep salmon in colour with a paler tone to the backs of the outer petals. Ideal for patio pots or the rockery in a sunny position. Eye-catching. April flowering. Ht.7in  
batalinii 'Salmon Gem'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB10 (5) Biflora 'Maxima'
A quality biflora dwarf species selection. Attractive creamy white flowers with a bright yellow base. Open wide in full sunshine. A good grower and ideal for pots or in the rockery where they increase well. March early April flowering. Ht. 4in (10cm). Honey scented.  
Biflora 'Maxima'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB11 (3) Clusiana - The Lady Tulip of Southern Europe.
A classically shaped tulipa with elegant slender pointed flowers of white. The outer segements are raspberry pink and the centre is deep purple-pink. Stunning. April flowering. Ht. 8in (20cm)  
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

TB12 (10) Clusiana 'Cynthia'
A distinctive member of the clusiana family. Outer petals of carmine rose edged with creamy green. Inside feathering of red with purple blotch. A good grower in the garden or pots. Mid April flowering. Ht 8"in (20cm)  
Clusiana 'Cynthia'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB14 (10) Clusiana 'Peppermint Stick'
Another interesting member of the Clusiana Family, eye catching deep rosey red outer petals, Sparkling white inner and steel blue base. Early April Ht. 10in
Clusiana 'Peppermint Stick'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB15 (10) Clusiana 'Sheila'
A favourite member of the clusiana family. A cardinal red flame runs from base to top of the outer petals which have striking apricot edges. The colours deepen with maturity. Excellent in the garden or in pots. Long lasting. Mid April flowering. Ht. 8in (20cm) Has grown well for years in our garden.  
Clusiana 'Sheila'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB18 (10) Clusiana 'Tubergens Gem'
A striking colour combination of soft red outer petals and a bright canary-yellow interior, adding a richer colour to the garden. Ht. 10in  
Clusiana 'Tubergens Gem'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB64 (1) Cretica 'Achanes'
Avery interesting Cretica Seedling from C. Breed.Has all the attributes of its parent with flowers of good substance.Good for pots, rockery or alpine house.Ht 4inch  
Cretica 'Achanes'
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB80 (1) Cretica Herakion
Not too disimilar to Achanes. But with darker outer petals with light pink rim in centre. Ht 4in.  
Cretica Herakion
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB58 (L) (5) Eichleri 'Clare Benedict'
A stunning eichleri selection with an outstanding centre. The brilliant scarlet flowers have a dense black centre broadly rimmed in bright yellow. Eye-catching in pots or the garden border. Flowers April. Ht 8in  
Eichleri  'Clare Benedict'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB21 (3) Ferganica - Native of Central Asia.
Beautifully shaped golden yellow fluted flowers which are stained orange on the outer segments. The colours deepen as the flower matures . Wavy edged leaves. Ht.8in. A stunning flower. Rarely offered  
Price:   £5.00 / $6.50 (for 3 bulbs)       

TB74 (5) Hageri
The ruby red hageri can produce up to three to five lightly scented dtar shaped blooms per stem. The centre a deeper greenish black.  
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB24 (10) Hageri 'Tiny Timo'
A selection from hageri 'Red Cup'. The crimson red flowers have a large pale blue centre which is edged in white. The noticable yellow stamens are tipped with purple. April flowering. Ht. 5in
Hageri 'Tiny Timo'
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB25 (3) Heweri - Native of Iraq.
A very eye-catching glowing yellow with a red flush on the outside petals. Multi headed with 2-3 flowers per stem. Greatly admired at Harrogate show. These bulbs are from the rare dwarf clone. Ht. 7in (16cm). Sells on sight.  
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

TB75 (10) Humilis
Found in Syria Turkey and Iran mountains, the flowers are pink with yellow centres, well suited for rock gardens. April. Ht. 6in  
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB26 (5) humilis 'Albocoerulea Oculata' - Originates from Central Iran.
Probably the most stunning member of the humilis family. The pure white flowers have a large ink blue centre. Increases well in pots or the rockery. Sweetly fragrant. April flowering. Ht. 4in (10cm)   
humilis  'Albocoerulea Oculata'
Price:   £5.00 / $6.50 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB32 (5) humilis 'rosea coerulea oculata'
This is a selection from 'albocoerulea oculata' and has an entrancing pink flush to the petals whilst retaining the stunning steel blue centre. Very good in pots or the rockery. April flowering. Ht 4in  
humilis 'rosea coerulea oculata'
Price:   £5.00 / $6.50 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB59 (10) humilis 'Eastern Star'
Magenta rose flowers with a light flaming on the backs of the outer petals and bright yellow centres. Plant in a sunny position in pots, rockery or garden. Flowers late March. Ht.5in  
humilis 'Eastern Star'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB29 (10) humilis 'Odalisque'
Another attractive member of this dwarf growing tulipa family. Deep beetroot-purple flowers set off by a striking yellow centre. Very eye-catching in the sun. March flowering. Ht.4in (10cm)  
humilis 'Odalisque'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB30 (1) humilis 'Pegasus'
Beautiful rose coloured flowers with a violet centre flame to the petal tips and purple stamens. Long lasting and excellent for pots or rockery. Ht. 5in Top quality. Rare and limited.
humilis 'Pegasus'
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB31 (10) humilis 'Persian Pearl'
A lovely and very popular dwarf tulipa. An eye-catching rich purple with a bright yellow base. April flowering. Hardy and good for the garden border or patio pots. Ht. 4in (10cm). Stunning  
humilis 'Persian Pearl'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB33 (10) humilis 'Violacea Black Base'
Eye-catching deep fuchsia-pink with a black centre. Exquisite in a group planting. Early flowering, end of March, and lasts well. Good in most gardens and grows well in pots. Ht. 4in (10cm). Sells on sight.  
humilis 'Violacea Black Base'
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB79 (1) Humilis 'Zepher'
Dwarf grown red flowers with bright red centres. Ht 4in.  
Humilis 'Zepher'
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB34 (5) Iliensis - native of Kazakhstan.
Beautiful elegant lemon flowers with orange on the exterior and a hint of grey-green at base of the petals. It is greatly admired when shown. April flowering. Good in the garden, rockery or pots. Ht.6in (15cm) Distinctly different.  
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB35 (L) (5) Ingens - originates from Uzbekistan.
Large beautifully shaped bright vermilion flowers with a distinct 'waist' and held on sturdy stems. Loosely cupped with a black centre. Grows well in the garden. Mid April. Ht 10in
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB36 (10) Kolpakowskiana - from Tein Shan
Bright citrus yellow flower with the outer petals stained an attractive bronzy orange. Dwarf growing with glaucous prostrate wavy leaves. Late March flowering. Ht. 6in AGM from RHS. A very good garden flower.
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB37 (L) (3) 'Latvian Gold'
Purple red outer petals with a broad deep cream edge and inner petals. This is set off with a striking burnt red centre and attractive mottled leaves. A real eyecatcher in the sun. Excellent for the rockery or in pots. April flowering. Ht 6in (15cm). Limited.  
'Latvian Gold'
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

TB38 (10) Linifolia
One of the best dwarf species tulips for the open garden. Eye-catching scarlet flowers with a purple central blotch and yellow anthers.
A good all rounder. April flowering. Ht. 7in. AGM from RHS  
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB39 (10) Little Beauty
A quality dwarf growing tulip. The outside petals are deep pink with a green base. The deep blue centre is edged with powder blue. Good for pots or rockery. March to early April flowering. Ht. 4in (10cm)
The flowers glow in the sun. AGM from RHS.  
Little Beauty
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 for 10 bulbs       

TB40 (1) Little Princess
Multi headed 3-4 terrecotia orange flower with pointed abd attractive black entries with a board yellow ring. Pots or gardens. Ht. 4inch AGM  
Little Princess
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB78 (1) Little Wonder
Dwarf tulip with round pink petals and yellow centres. Ht 8in.  
Little Wonder
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB43 (5) Marjoletti - from the Savoy region of France.
This elegant creamy flower is edged with an attractive rosy red feathering. At maturity it can become almost white. Long lasting. May flowering. Ht. 10in. AM from RHS. Very eye-catching  
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB44 (5) Montana - yellow form - from North Iran
This rare bright clear yellow species has all the attributes of 'red montana' (wilsoniana) and in the wild both variants can be seen growing together. Can be grown in the garden or pots. Late flowering in late April/May. Ht. 6in.   
Montana - yellow form
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB45 (10) Neustruevae - from Western Tein Shan
Has 2-3 eye-catching bright golden yellow star-like flowers per stem. The back of the petals can be marked with a violet stripe. Suitable for pots, rockery or the garden where it multiplies well when established. Ht. 5in. Honey scented  
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB46 (10) Orphandea 'Flava' - the yellow form of the species.
The greenish yellow petals are edged and feathered with red on the outside. The inside of the petals are lemon yellow with a small bronze blotch. Easy to grow in the garden where it will naturalise and is hardy. Late April. Ht.8in  
Orphandea 'Flava'
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB48 (5) Polychroma - from Caucasus mountains. T.biflora family.
Low growing pure white tulip with a large bright yellow centre. Prostrate foliage. Strong grower in garden, rockery or pots. Flowers March. Ht.4in (10cm) Very popular.  
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB67 (L) (10) Praestans Fussilier
A prolific flowering dwarf tulip with 3 - 5 flaming red flowers from each bulb. An old favourite for pots or border and flowers early. Ht. 9in  
Praestans Fussilier
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB68 (L) (10) Praestans Shogun - from Tadzhikistan.
A multi-flowering tulip which lasts for a long time. Flowers are in a sunny yellow-orange and can have 3-4 flowers per stem. Good for naturalising.  
Praestans Shogun
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB62 (L) (10) Praestans Unicum
Beautiful multi-headed scarlet red flowers produced within outstanding variegated cream edged leaves. Excellent in pots and the garden border. Also long lasting. April flowering. Ht.8in (20cm)  
Praestans Unicum
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB69 (10) Saxatilis
Large pale pink flowers, 2-3 per stem with contrasting yellow centres which glisten in the sun. Increases very well in the border. Flowers from March.   
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB49 (5) Schrenkii - from the Caucasus.
Beautiful scarlet flowers with a thin orange margin to the petals. Very hardy and good in the rockery or pots. April flowering. Ht.5in (12cm). A favourite AGS flower and a show pot winner.   
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

TB50 (1) Stapfii - from Iraq & Iran
Attractive deep crimson-red upright flowers with an incurving cup shape. The basal blotch and stamens are dark violet. A stunning combination. Broad glaucous leaves. Ht. 6-8in. Rare.
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB76 (1) Starlight
White flower with a golden star in the throat up to several flowers, excelent in pots and alpine house.  
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

TB51 (10) Sylvestris - the 'native' tulipa of the British Isles.
The lovely sweetly scented nodding flowers are a bright clear yellow. Looks best in a group planting and naturalises very well. Best in the garden and will grow in semi-shade. May flowering. Ht 16in (40cm). AGM  
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB70 (10) Tarda - from Central Asia. AGM
Very popular low growing species which grows into a large clump in the border. The fragrant flowers open wide to show a bright yellow star. Ht. 4in  
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB82 (5) T. Analita
Lovely snow white petals with red rim in centre. Striking colourful flower. Ht. 5in  
T. Analita
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB71 (10) Turkestanica
Fragrant flowers with 4-8 per stem with creamy petals and contrasting egg yellow centre. Attractive after flowering with decorative seed pods. Ht.8in  
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB53 (10) Urumiensis - from N W Iran.
A quality small multi-headed yellow tulip. The reverse of the petals are beautifully stained a reddish-green. It is low growing and ideal for pots or the rockery. Late March, early April flowering. Ht 4in (10cm). AGM from RHS  
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (for 10 bulbs)       

TB54 (3) Velvet Lily
A very exciting T.acuminata seedling. More robust than its parent and although less 'spidery' it has a distinct beauty of its own. The overall bright red petals are long and pointed. Easy to grow in the garden or pots. April flowering. Ht. 12in   
Velvet Lily
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (for 3 bulbs)       

TB55 (5) Whittalli - from Western coast of Turkey
An absolutely gorgeous flower. The petals are a burnt orange caramel, flushed with buff with an olive green centre. Long lasting, the colour deepens as the flower matures. A favourite tulipa of Anna Pavord. April flowering. Ht 8in (20cm) Pots or garden. AGM from RHS  
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (for 5 bulbs)       

TB56 (10) Wilsoniana - syn. T.montana
Deep red classic cup shaped flower with bright yellow stamens. Has a strong short stem which supports good sized flowers. Undulated and almost tubular leaves. May flowering. Can be grown in the garden or in pots. Ht 6in (15cm) A good buy.  
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (for 10 bulbs)       

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