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Our Spring Bulb sales for 2020 have now closed. We will reopen early Spring 2021 with new stock and varieties.

Welcome to Choice Bulbs and Plants

I would like to welcome to our new and exciting 2020 Catalogue, we hope you enjoy browsing the new additions and reintroductions of varities of Daffodils and Tulips plus Horticultural Supplies.

Once again thank you for your great support over these early years of business. You will soon notice all our hard work in seeking out some of the great varieties for this catalogue.

We now have one of the largest varieties of daffodils in stock around the world, all growing in the fields of Fluwel in Holland by Carlos van der Veek.

I would like to say we had a great year in 2019, doing well on the show benches with exhibitors showing flowers from Miniature and Choice Bulbs varieties. Winning lots of prizes with their bulbs, so congratulations to all of you.

But unfortunately I can’t say the same for myself, I was struck down with a serious illness later on in the year and was hospitalised six times. Not to be put off, my family and great friends rallied round to get the orders out. They did a great job and I can’t thank them enough and all the blubs arrived at their destination on time.

We had to close the website down early to avoid any disappointments. But I can report now I’m back in good health. The operations were very successful and it won’t be long before the new website will be up and running

I also regret that we are to abandon the ‘cheapie pages’ as the cost of the packaging was out waying any profits from them. Most companies won’t let you send parcels over 15 kilograms so you sometimes had to send 2 to 3 parcels to one address which be came to costly.

Good growing to every one have a good year

If you have any issues with using the website please do not hesitate to email choicebulbsandplants@hotmail.com and our web administrator will attemp to assist you.

Kind Regards

Frank and Joyce Charlton

Special Offers

Daffodil Offers

We have a selection of Daffodils available at a large discount due to a large amount of stock, please see the Daffodil Offers Section.

Large & Exhibition Tulip bulbs

50 bulbs of any one variety - 18.00 or 100 bulbs of any one variety - 35.00

Please note that the discounts for 50 bulbs and 100 bulbs will be shown in the shopping cart.

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