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Daffodil Classifications

All daffodils are classified into one of 13 Divisions. The hybrid cultivars are Divs 1-12 and daffodils distinguished solely by botanical name are Div 13. There are also 6 main colour codes which relate to the back petals (perianth) and the cup (corona). These can be the same colour or a combination of colours.

Division 1 trumpet

   One flower to a stem; corona (trumpet) as long as, or longer than the perianth segments (petals)"

Division 2 large cupped

   One flower to a stem; corona more than one third, but less than equal to the length of the perianth

Division 3 small cupped

   One flower per stem; corona not more than one third the length of the perianth segments.

Division 4 double

   One or more flowers to a stem, with doubling of the perianth segments or corona or both.

Division 5 triandrus

   Usually two or more pendant flowers to a stem; perianth segments reflexed

Division 6 cyclamineus

   One flower to a stem; perianth segments significantly reflexed; flower at an acute angle to the stem with very short neck.

Division 7 jonquilla

   One to five flowers per stem; perianth segments spreading or reflexed; corona cup-shaped, funnel-shaped or flared, usually wider than long and fragrant

Division 8 tazetta

   Usually three to twenty flowers to a stout stem; perianth segments spreading not reflexed; flowers usually fragrant

Division 9 poeticus

   Usually one flower to a stem; perianth pure white; corona very short or disc-shaped; usually green and / or yellow centre and a red rim. Flowers usually fragrant

Division 10 bulbocodium

   Usually one flower per stem; perianth segments insignificant compared with the dominant corona.

Division 11 split corona

   Corona split – usually for more than half its length.
   a) Collar
   b) Papillon

Division 12 other

   Daffodil cultivars which do not fit into the definition of any of the other 11 divisions

Division 13 species

   Daffodils solely distinguished by botanical name. All species and wild or reputedly wild variants and hybrids

Colour codes

W - white or whitish
Y - yellow
G - green
R - red
P - pink
O - orange

When looking at a daffodil classification, the first number indicates the division of the daffodil Div 1 is a trumpet. The first letters represent the petal (perianth) colour, which may be more than one. The next group of letters represent the corona colour which again may be more than one   eg Div 1 y-gw = trumpet with yellow petals green centre and white corona

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